5 Cute Texts to Send Your Man in the Morning

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It’s hard to maintain a happy relationship between couples.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our busy schedules and forget to consider how we feel – or how we make our loved ones feel.

As men, we are taught the best ways to spoil women and pamper them with our love. But here’s the thing, men need to feel loved too.

Too often we feel like we’re taken for granted.

Cute texts in the morning are a fantastic way to make your man feel loved and appreciated.

Plus, he would smile every time you cross his mind for the rest of the day.

Sounds nice, right?

So let’s jump right into it!

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5 Cute Texts to Send Your Man in the Morning | zen inspo

What Kind of Cute Texts Do Men Like to Get? 

Who wouldn’t like to start his morning with feeling loved and knowing that his lady is thinking about him? 

Just by sending him a small morning remark on something that’ll make him happy will return back on your relationship right away.

Personally, I think we have some common types of compliments that can instantly lift up our mood.

But what to type in your text message in order to give this influence, and ensure that text had the desired effect?

In order to answer this, let me tell you some of the things that trigger men’s positive feelings. Here’s how to make his love for you grow even bigger. 

1. Appreciation

We take lots of pride in what we do for a living. A man’s work and actions define who he is. So, by letting him know that you notice the efforts he exerts in his job or around you. This will warm his heart up with love. 

As a guy, I can tell you that the best thing a man can feel is being appreciated. Boost his confidence by letting him know that you believe in his abilities, and admire what he’s doing.

Noticing and thanking him for what he does, will also increase his willingness to do more for you. Here are some cute texts that will make him feel appreciated.

  • You’re very talented and smart.
  • I trust your abilities with this.
  • I believe in you.
  • What you just did was incredible.
  • I love how you always know what exactly to do, even when I don’t ask for it.

2. Physical Appearance

A small text from you commenting on your man’s physical appearance, like stating how lovely he looked earlier, or by complimenting a physical feature in him.

This will increase your man’s self-esteem, and make him feel more confident and happier with the relationship.

Most men are conscious about how they look and would love to hear that you find them handsome or attractive. 

Tell him what you love the most about his looks, and describe your favorite parts of his body. Here are some of the best ways to express that.

  • I love your messy bed hair.
  • Remembering your smile brightens up my day.
  • I can’t take you off my mind after I saw you in that suit.
  • You look so sexy in that new shirt.
  • I love your eye color, it’s very unique.

3. Respect 

Showing your guy that you respect him is a great way to turn him on. We thrive for respect, and it makes us feel more strong and manly. 

Using cute morning texts to indicate to your man how much you do respect him.

Is surely going to increase his satisfaction levels, and make him feel happier and more secure around you.   

  • Your opinion matters to me, I always admire and respect what you say.
  • You’re a great man, I’m proud of you.
  • You’re my superhero, you’ve got some incredible powers.
  • I’m so proud to be your girl. You’re a fantastic guy.

5 Cute Texts to Send Your Man in the Morning | Zen Inspo

4. Character

My favorite type of compliments is the one related to my personality. This type of compliment makes me feel really proud of myself and loved by my significant other.

Praising the things you love the most in your man’s character, will allow him to know what are the most important qualities for you.

Plus, you encourage him to become a better lover and man. 

  • I admire how you can always control your nerves and temper.
  • I love how I learn a lot from you, and how you help me be a better person.
  • I’m impressed with how you handle overwhelming situations.
  • You’re very thoughtful and considerate of my feelings, and you always know how to cheer me up.
  • I love talking to you, you give the best advice.

5. Expressing Your Love  

Showing your man your deep affections and love to him through a morning text will make him start his day with a great mood.

You can go from a simple I love you text to telling him how he makes you feel most of the time.

Describe your genuine feelings when he is around, but don’t go too much with the details. A cute little text would be more than enough such as

  • I always feel safe when I’m between your arms.
  • I never knew how love can be amazing until we met.
  • I love hanging out with you, It’s like you’re my best friend ever.
  • Thanks for always being here, I’d be lost without you.
  • You always manage to make my day better; I love that about you.

Let’s Wrap Up

Little morning texts will help you show your man how important he is to you. 

All you need to send is a nice, bold, or playful sentence describing how you feel right now, or what you admire the most about him. Surely that’ll draw a smile on your man’s face, and boost his feelings of joy when he meets you.

Sending a cute little morning text to your man every once in a while is going to remind you both of the things you love and cherish in each other. 

It is a simple, yet very creative way, that you can use to keep him excited until you two meet again. 

Finally, keep your message short and specific to make him feel special. And show him that you spend some time thinking about the things you love the most in him.

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5 Cute Texts to Send Your Man in the Morning | Zen Inspo

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